How to get to the PSB venue
from Prague main railway station?

  • • Buy a transport ticket – you can use your mobile phone by sending SMS in form of ”DPT32” to the number 90206. This ticket is valid within 90 minutes;

  • • Enter an underground and get on the underground train (direction “Museum“);

  • • Get off the underground train at “Museum” station (the first station);

  • • Change to underground line A;

  • • Get on the underground train (direction ”Nemocnice Motol” station);

  • • When leaving the underground take a first right exit;

  • • From the bus station you can see in front of you take a bus no. 168, no. 174, no. 180 or bus no. 184;

  • • Get off the bus one station afterwards (“Motol“ station);

  • • Follow the pictures below:

Do you need some additional about this event? You can ask directly Mgr. et Mgr. Martin Zielina, Ph.D.

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